Is A Gun In A Holster Considered Concealed?

Is A Gun In A Holster Considered Concealed

How is the word ‘CONCEALED’ defined? Well, it means something is undercover out of the sight of others. A gun is considered the most sensitive and high risky thing that should be carried with great care. Besides, if you’re not an army personnel or a lawmaker, then carrying a gun is not a common thing for you. Even the law is also doesn’t support you in this case if you’re a common man. Still, if you’re carrying a gun then you have to keep it concealed so that not too many people have any idea whereabouts of it.

A holster is precisely made to keep your firearm or handgun safely and securely inside. But that doesn’t mean your gun is concealed. Some factors come together so that you can say that a gun in a holster is considered concealed.


Set the target, pull the trigger and the bullet will certainly hit the target hard. This is how a gun works. But it doesn’t mean that all the guns have same the shape, design, and size. Keeping that in mind, the makers of holsters have precisely designed them according to the gun that you’re going to place inside. In this way, the gun is kept inside of the holster securely and safely.


There are two types of holsters found- IWB [Inside-the-Waistband] and OWB [Outside-the-Waistband]. IWB holsters are specifically meant for concealed carry. This kind of holster is attached with the belt of the pant which is hidden by a jacket or a coat so that you can get the perfect concealment. The IWB holster is not only placed to the waistband but you can find A pocket holster, ankle holster, and shoulder holster as well. All these types commonly work better for the concealment of your gun.

On the other hand, OWB Is placed outside the pants so it is visible to others that you’re carrying something special. Although in some cases, it can be covered under the shirt or jacket but it is not as good as IWB for the much-needed concealment. But this kind of holster provides you with better comfort than the former. Here the holster is clipped to your waistband at the hip and it is perfectly fine for the open carry.

Gun Law

Although in western countries even in the USA the concealment of gun law varies from cities and counties as well. In some places carrying a gun is not an offense but to some other places, it is considered a violation of the law. Here you have to carry your gun in a manner so that it will be invisible to others unless you will be punished for that despite having legal permission or license. Therefore if you must carry your gun away from your home, then you may consider seriously concealing it in the holster.

How To Wear An IWB Holster?

Well, it is ascertained that an IWB holster is the best thing for concealment. Now if you’re a first-time user then you need to know the way it has to wear. Here you go-

  1. The first thing is to put on the holster. In most cases, just you need to slide it inside the waistband very easily. But to some people, it is found difficult to retain the gun smoothly. In that case, the ‘winged’ IWB holster might be the best bet for you as it has its passive retention ability. Besides, it also carries the weight of your firearm easily.
  2. The second thing is to find the right carry positions at the waistband. I mean to say, you have to select the points where you put the holster as well as your gun. It will depend upon you on which point of your waistband is the right for you so that you can insert or pull out the gun from the holster quite conveniently.
  3. Now you need to adjust the retention shell before putting your firearm inside the holster. Some screws can be tightened or loosened using an Allen wrench until you can smoothly draw out and insert your gun.
  4. Finally, you have to adjust the Cant inside the waistband so that the holster can be properly positioned for comfortable retention and insert the gun. All you can do is adjust the two clasps using the Allen wrench so that the grip and the height of the holster can be adjusted as per your requirement.

How To Choose A Holster For Concealed Carry?

To get the right concealed carry you have to select the right holster. So, to choose the right one among a lot available on the market with all kinds of promises you need to set certain criteria that go with the concealment of your gun perfectly. Let’s find out-


The holster for concealed carry must have some specific qualities that follow the shape and size of the gun. Such as the design that will go according to the gun, The retention screws that can be adjusted if required, and the trigger guard lock that never lets your gun slip out of the holster. All these things come together to secure your gun so that it never be going beyond your control while you’re in an extreme situation. It has been seen the Kydex holster meets up all the requirements that make it a good choice for concealed carry.

Shake Test

This test is a reliable one to know if your holster is capable enough for concealed carry. To make this happen you have to put the unloaded gun into the holster and give the whole setup a shake, turn it upside-down, and see if the gun is coming out or about to come out. If that is so, then you have to reconsider the holster for your gun.

Protection of Trigger

It is not that your gun doesn’t come to act until you pull the trigger. Accident does happen due to unawareness. A perfect holster for concealed carry is not only hiding your gun inside but also protecting the trigger from hands, fingers, and any alien objects. A well-concealed carry holster always has a trigger cover that helps your gun from the accidental pull.

Which One Is Concealed Carry Holster?

After following all the factors and features of concealed carry holsters, one question that going to come to mind is, “Which one is the best-concealed holster?” Well, if you follow the marketplace you’ll find many holsters that demand to provide all vital features for concealed carry. 

 As my research goes on, I have managed to find five different types of holsters that may fit the bill. 

  1. CYA Supply (IWB).
  2. Alien Gear Cloak Mod (OWB).
  3. Gould and Goodrich Gold Line (Shoulder Holster)
  4. Desantis Nemesis (Pocket Holster).
  5. The Galko Ankle Glove (Ankle Holster)

Wrap Up

In this article, I have tried so far to explain to you the terms between a gun and a holster. A holster is not merely made to keep the gun inside it but to take care of the well-being of your gun. Only concealed carry can give you the much-needed safety and security to your gun. Now it is up to you to choose the right holster so that you can carry your gun without having much worry in mind. Is that all for today? Yes. See you again with something new and exciting. Till then Good-Bye, have a nice time!!!

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