The New Gun Owner’s Guide To Holsters

The New Gun Owner’s Guide To Holsters

If you’re the proud owner of a handgun, then you cannot ignore the worth of a holster. This is the kind of thing that is meant for carrying your gun anywhere, everywhere. Not only that, the gun can be kept inside the holster safely and securely and also helps you to draw out and re-holster … Read more

Tips For Concealed Carry In Cold Weather

Carrying a gun is not a regular affair. You need to be extra careful unless an accident may happen anytime, anywhere by one simple mistake. Therefore, a holster is considered a valuable thing for carrying a gun safely and securely. Now winter is at your doorstep and you have to adjust your regular life according … Read more

Drop Leg Holster vs Hip Holster

Usually, you don’t buy a firearm to keep it inside the wardrobe. But you have to carry this along with you all day. Even if you’re not an army man or a lawmaker, still you want to carry a gun for your self-defense as the threat could come anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is obvious that … Read more

Can A Gun Go Off In A Holster?

Accident does happen quite frequently anytime, anywhere. Some say it is destined and cannot be prevented. Let them live with their own belief but most people think an accident does happen due to someone’s mistake. It can be avoided if someone would be more careful and sincere about the surroundings and the belongings. I strongly … Read more

How To Carry A Gun Without A Holster?

How To Carry A Gun Without A Holster

If you own a gun to protect yourself from any dire consequences, then it is obvious to protect your gun from being damaged for various reasons and also to secure it safely to avoid any unwanted but fatal accident. To meet both cases, perhaps owning a holster is the most common way that you can … Read more

Is A Gun In A Holster Considered Concealed?

Is A Gun In A Holster Considered Concealed

How is the word ‘CONCEALED’ defined? Well, it means something is undercover out of the sight of others. A gun is considered the most sensitive and high risky thing that should be carried with great care. Besides, if you’re not an army personnel or a lawmaker, then carrying a gun is not a common thing for you. … Read more

[Top 5] Best Holster for Sig Sauer P938

Best Holster for Sig Sauer P938

As more people start to adopt everyday carry (EDC), the handgun holster market has seen a corresponding growth in recent times. One of the very popular handgun models carried by many today is the Sig Sauer P938. As a micro-compact pistol that is lightweight and impressively accurate, it is well optimized for concealed carry. Nonetheless, … Read more

[Top 5] Best Holster for SD9VE

Best Holster for SD9VE

So, you have made your mind to own a handgun for safety and self-defense, and after considering several options finally, you have zeroed on SD9VE gun for yourself. CONGRATS!!! This simple, well-made, smaller, and lightweight pistol is comfortable for concealed carry. Now it is up to you to find out a well-made IWB and OWB … Read more